Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sculpture garden

Sachiko Kodama's Sculpture Garden is an example of how scientific investigation can expand the expressive vocabulary of today’s artists. Kodama works with Ferrofluids, which are liquids that, due to their metallic content, hold magnetic properties and respond to magnetic fields by vibrating and changing shape. By means of computer systems, the artist controls the strength of these magnetic fields in order to control the liquid’s response with precision.

The exhibit opens today at Barcelona's
ArtFutura, a festival that documents the role of technology in society, culture, and art.

Sachiko Kodama, 'Sculpture Garden'

October 29th-November 15th, 2009

Arts Santa Mònica

Rambla Santa Mónica, 7


Free Admission

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

czech it

Don't miss Czech films currently playing at the Film Society of the Lincoln Center, as part of the film festival titled The Ironic Curtain: Czech Cinema since the Velvet Revolution. Classics like Ecstasy (1933) and new films from fresh directors like Petr Zelenka will be screened, with discussion with the filmmakers themselves, actors and other guests including the Czech Ambassador to the UN.

See the Schedule

Ecstasy, Gustav Machatý, 1933

Daisies, Vĕra Chytilová, 1966

The Karamazovs, Petr Zelenka, 2008

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Monday, October 19, 2009

lusting over luxirare

What more is there than killer clothes and fine cuisine? Luxirare’s weekly webzine beautifully incorporates the two with her incredible photography and immense attention to detail. Not to mention the rarity of finding fashionistas who don’t shun food, she actually makes most of the pieces she wears, and does all the photography herself. Each post begins with a simple concept, but the way she transforms these ideas into complex visions of aesthetic flawlessness is amazing. In her latest food post, she presents a recipe for a yogurt parfait – but hers includes step-by-step instructions on how to make caviar out of your favorite juice or liquor. Her latest fashion post is an outfit shot of her new shoes – hard-to-find Chanel heels with lightbulbs built in. Are you hooked yet?


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

vintage sydney

This Friday comes an event that promises to make your pre-modern era heart flinch; The Sydney Vintage Clothing, Jewelery and Textiles Show returns to Sydney with over 60 vendors showcasing clothing, jewelry, textiles and other collectibles.

Token clothes of each decade since the start of the 20th century will be part of the exhibitions. Whatever your decade of choice, you can pair it off with vintage jewelry and handbags sure to be one of a kind. And if you're looking to go all out on vintage décor, don´t miss the exhibitors of linens and fabrics and other rare collectibles.

A prize for the best vintage dressed will be awarded on Friday for a $100 gift card that can be used with any exhibitor at the show. On Saturday and Sunday at 11 am The Lindy Charm School for Girls will revive the craze for red lipstick and wavy hair in a demonstration of Vintage Makeup and Hairstyle Techniques of the 1920´s. Check the program for other entertainment including live music and swing dancing.

See the list of exhibitors

Tickets available at the door:
One Day Adult: $12
Two Day Adult: $20

Canterbury Park Function Centre
Canterbury Racecourse
King Street, Sydney

Friday 16th 5.30pm - 9pm
Saturday 17th 9.30am - 4.30pm
Sunday 18th 9.30am - 4.30pm

Free Shuttle Bus will be running from Strathfield and Canterbury Train Stations.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bruno levy update

IDLM-featured gallery artist, Bruno Levy, has released two new videos! Levy has been recognized as a pioneer in video multimedia. His video, Sialogogue, won in the Best Short Film/Video category at the 2009 New York Photo Awards.

This first video, The Landing, was developed by SWEATSHOPPE, a multimedia performance collaboration between Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw. In an effort to establish new platforms for public art and performance, the multimedia duo has developed a new interactive technology that enables them to explore the relationship between video, mark making and architecture. Dubbed "video painting," this technology allows them to essentially "paint" video onto any surface. Shooting in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, the duo spent documenting their work in urban settings to create The Landing...the first in a series of episodes that showcases their work as artists, technologists and performers.

And in a cosmic alignment, Levy's video features
two very special masks by current IDLM-featured artist Shin Murayama.

This second video is a stop-motion narrative synched to 'Deboutonner' by Modeselektor. The presentation is the result of thousands of photographs taken over the course of a week using flashlights and long-exposures by Levy in Patan, Nepal.

To learn more about Bruno Levy, visit his

Go to the IDLM Gallery to see features on Bruno Levy and Shin Murayama, including one-of-a-kind pieces made by the artists exclusively for I Dont Like Mondays and available for purchase.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

part time punks

2nd Annual Part Time Punks Festival

LA-based Rough Trade and Factory Records fans are in for a treat. This weekend, the Part Time Punks Festival is taking over, and it's bringing along post-punk legends and newbies inspired by it alike! PTP pulled out all the stops and put together an AMAZING line-up, including:

The Raincoats

This will mark the first-ever L.A. appearance of THE RAINCOATS. Formed in 1977, The Raincoats were the world's second all-girl punk band. Only, by the time Rough Trade released their debut album in 1979, they weren't making punk music any more, but post-punk, and more akin to The Velvet Underground's first LP or the records it shared the racks with: The Slits' "Cut," Young Marble Giants "Colossal Youth" and The Cure's first LP. The only reason the band remains lesser known is that their three albums remained out of print for more than a decade before Kurt Cobain tracked them down during a pilgrimage to London in the early 90s. Cobain was also responsible for "convincing" his label, Geffen, to reissue The Raincoats three albums in 1993 (co-writing the liner notes with Kim Gordon), which paved the way for the Riot Grrrl movement. It seems only fitting, then, that Kill Rock Stars will be reissuing the first Raincoats LP the week before the Fest

"If it weren't for the luxury of putting on that scratchy copy of The Raincoats' first record, I would have had very few moments of peace."
-- Kurt Cobain

Don't be Mean

Section 25

The Part Time Punks Festival will also mark the first L.A.. appearance of Factory Records' own SECTION 25 since 1982. Dismissed by many journalists in the post-punk era as clones of their labelmates, Joy Division, the band has since been recognized in the highest echelon of Post-Punk innovation, alongside Public Image Limited, Wire and...well...Joy Division, for fusing punk with psychedelia and the surging motorik rhythms of Krautrock bands like Can, Faust and Neu. This credit is certainly largely due to James Nice, whose LTM label has re-issued the band's entire back catalogue (along with most of the rest of the Factory Records back catalogue) as well as their last two albums, "Nature and Degree" (2009) and "Part Primitiv" (2007) - both of which were released to universal critical acclaim.

Looking from a Hilltop

Gang of Four

Gang of Four need no introduction. Though perhaps their involvement in the Fest does... Last year, just before the Part Time Punks Festival, the band's drummer Hugo Burnham sent Part Time Punks' founder/booker/DJ/artmaker Michael Stock an email, raving about the Festival line-up and how he wished he could be there. Michael suggested that perhaps next time, he could be. And now, eleven months later, he will be-along with bassist, Dave Allen - as well as behind the decks, marking Gang of Four's West Coast DJ-debut.


Part Time Punks Festival

Sunday October 11, 2009

2:00 PM – 2:00 AM

The Echo & The Echoplex (2 conjoined venues)

Echo Park

1154 Glendale Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90026

(213) 413-8200

Get your
advance tickets here!

The weekend's festivities kick off Saturday October 10th, on the rooftop of The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles with the Part Time Punks Poolside Pre-Party from 2 - 8pm.

Vinyl will be spun all afternoon from...

GANG OF FOUR (Hugo Burnham & Dave Allen)

THE GERMS (Don Bolles)



PUNKY REGGAE PARTY (Boss Harmony aka David Orlando)

and of course

PART TIME PUNKS (Michael Stock)

Also, a number of the bands performing at the Festival will be doing record signings on Saturday, including members of...







The Saturday Pool Party event is FREE and open to all.

Part Time Punk Festival Kick-Off Party

Saturday October 10, 2009

2:00 to 8:00 PM


The Standard Hotel

550 S Flower St

Los Angeles, CA 90071-2501

(213) 892-8080

and in NYC...

The Raincoats, Viv Albertine, Soft Power, & Marnie Stern will be performing this Friday at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn as a part of the Royal Flush Festival.

Friday, October 16, 2009
Doors 8 p.m. / Show 9 p.m.
$22 advance / $25 day of show
18 + w/ ID. Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Avenue

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midnight at the ifc

“This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous!”
~Duckie to Andie

If you were in denial that the eighties are back, it’s probably time to acknowledge that it is a decade that will never die – yes, shoulder pads and off the shoulder sweatshirts are that irresistible – and you may as well get on board. And what better way to celebrate eternal eighties revival than a night spent watching one of its most iconic movies?

IFC will be screening “Pretty in Pink” in its newest 35mm print this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, at 12:05 AM each night. Hey, at the very least, it beats Jennifer’s Body.



323 Sixth Avenue

New York, NY, 10014


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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Vitalic, aka Dijonaise electronica artist Pascal Arbez responsible for underground club anthems like “La Rock 01,” is touring through the UK and Western Europe this fall, spreading the blips and beats of his just-dropped sophomore album Flashmob, available today in the US via 101 Distribution.

Upbeat and dark, Vitalic’s music is everything that is a good night out. He dabbles in afrobeat without relying on the trend too much, guaranteeing sultry, sweeping club music that stays true to classic techno and electronica, as in “Poison Lips.” Some songs on the new album are lifted with vocal melodies that sound like digitized Donna Summer tracks, adding disco to the mix, always supported by dark synths and a fluctuating catalogue of percussive beeps. It’s refreshing, vitalizing if you will, and seems to re-animate the electronic genre.

Vitalic's MySpace

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

veilhan versailles

Last year, Jeff Koon's 'Balloon Dog' hung out in the Salon d'Hercule. This year, 'The Large Carriage' by Xavier Veilhan stands in the Court of Honor. Veilhan's trademark is his representation of mechanical objects and animals. The French artist's nine piece exhibition focuses “on the relationships between scale, equilibrium, and observation points” and is inspired by the space and history of Versailles.

This exhibition is a part of a project begun last year; Versailles has committed to showcasing “outstanding artists of our time” by inviting one artist per year to use the former home of France's royalty as an exhibition space.

Now until December 13, 2009
Veilhan Versailles

Some of Veilhan's past work:

See more of Veilhan's work at www.veilhan.net

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The mountains of extras in films are fascinating. How do movie crews fill streets, restaurants, auditoriums, with all of these hopeful, eager faces who know they’ll be nothing more than a dot on the screen? When an interesting or particularly bleak face is caught in the background, is she is excited to be featured at all in a film, or is she miserable because she isn’t the star?

We already know far too much about most actors headlining a film, from their Friday night party spots to their romantic flings. The extras do have one shining benefit over the leading actors: they are the ones with the mystery, they are the enigmas.

Miranda July and Roe Ethridge apparently had the same train of thought when they created their most recent photo project. In a celebration of those meant to be left in the background, she drags extras out of your peripheral vision and forces you to notice them.

July takes it upon herself to dress up as one extra from each movie’s scene. This is a tribute to the extra’s ubiquitous anonymity. If July had dressed up as Olivia Newton-John, the difference would be painfully obvious and perhaps a little too comical. But disguised as the whooping girl in the background? We’ll buy it.


Saturday, October 3, 2009


You wasted my time you wasted my time
Said behead said say correct shred project "A" confine lay on pain

I laid yr pain lay on pain got a thing for wasting my time wasting my time...

~Le Tigre

view the Shreddy Tee in Black or Grey in the store


Friday, October 2, 2009

girls in europe

Talk about art imitating life...or is it life imitating art? Indie-pop band Girls proves that, although musical talent is usually innate, an interesting life that provides inspiration is always a plus when it comes to making good music. The group´s lead singer, Christopher Owens, knows a thing or two about eccentric life experiences. His musical ear developed at a young age, for reasons that you don´t usually expect from a musician. As part of Children of God, a religious cult, Owens was forced to go out onto the streets to sing for money. As if begging wasn´t enough, Owens had to see his younger brother pass away because the cult did not permit any medical assistance. He then watched his mother go from caring housewife to prostitute, as ordered by the cult. He finally ran away from Children of God and after a short involvement in the punk scene in Texas he moved to San Francisco where his music career officially took off. In California he met Chet “JR” White and Garret Godard, Girls´ other members, with whom he recorded their 2009 debut album, titled 'Album'. Most of Album´s songs are about girls and nasty breakups, however it´s Owens´ treacherous past which seems to be immortalized through the sometimes dark lyrics.

Catch Girls' show in Madrid this weekend on Sunday October 4th at
MobyDick. Girls will continue on to perform in Paris on October 6th at Point Ephemere. See their full tour dates at the band's MySpace page.