Tuesday, December 15, 2009

holidays blow pop up shop

Sunday, December 6, 2009

james whale at film forum

For those who are greater fans of a big fright than of Christmas carols, the New York Film Forum is presenting some of James Whale´s most acclaimed movies. Whale, director and pioneer of the horror genre, brought to life some of the most memorable Hollywood movies of all time. He introduced the legendary Frankenstein character to cinema audiences and was one of the first directors in Hollywood to ever use a highly mobile camera.

Apart from his horror hits, Whale also experimented with other movie genres - some of his most famous non-horror films, Waterloo Bridge (1931), The Man in the Iron Mask (1939) and the musical Show Boat (1936), will also be screened this coming week.

Screening Schedule

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

girl gaze

vintage photo via the Best Coast myspace page

In the past we've featured a number of emerging bands whose myspaces would list any combination of "garage, lo-fi, surf, tropical, punk," or "shoegaze" as their genre trifecta, from Vivian Girls and Real Estate (east coast!) to the Intelligence and Abe Vigoda (west coast!). Within this scene and its amalgamation of genres, however, there is undoubtedly a difference to the sound when accompanied by the female voice--enter a slew of female-fronted or all-girl bands from California (Best Coast, Grass Widow, Brilliant Colors, the Light Rays, Pearl Harbor, Dum Dum Girls), New York (the V-Girls, Weed Hounds, Talk Normal), the UK (Pens, Wetdog) and even Sweden (Liechtenstein). On November 5th, Vivian Girls asked on Twitter, "Should we call our scene girl gaze or shit girls?" Though we don't recommend googling the term (nsfw), the first one seems likelier to catch on.

Of these 'girl groups' Best Coast has made a pretty big, melodic splash. Comprising one Bethany Cosentino (ex-Pocahaunted singer-strummer) and her former babysitter and guitarist Bobb Bruno, Best Coast has released some catchy 7-inches in 2009 for jams like "Sun Was High (So Was I)," "Something in the Way" and recently "When I'm with You" (on Black Iris) that ring truer to the sass and adventure in 60s Girl Group pop songs than the band's more shoe-gazy counterparts. That Bethany's drawn-out croons of longing can muster such melodic prowess is no accident--coming from a musical family, as a teen she sang back-up on the Ellen DeGeneres show and turned down a career in major-label pop.

Check out "When I'm With You" mashed up with a scene from Les Demoiselles de Rochefort below:

With a little less Beach Boys harmonics, and a little more Sleater-Kinney call-and-answer layers comes San Francisco's Grass Widow. The trio's syncopated vocals and music fit together with so much punch and precision. With awesome 12-Inches out on indie labels Make A Mess and Captured Tracks, look forward to more from these girls in the future or catch them on tour on the west coast this winter.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

olivier zahm's first art show

Can anyone resist Olivier Zahm? He’s the man whose magazine, Purple, is responsible for that girl-on-girl shoot – the one with Abbey-Lee-on-Eniko-on-Freja-on-Magdelana. Zahm excels in decorating the pages of Purple with what is almost like practiced voyeurism and his ability to make blatant nudity sensual instead of tacky. And though the undeniably carnal editor-in-chief has never met a topless woman he didn’t photograph (or take home), his editorials never lose that air of elegance or mystery that Zahm himself seems to exude in that unmistakably French way.

On to conquer even more than he already has – if you’re not familiar, he is already a renowned art critic, curator, and of course founder and editor of Purple – Zahm is presenting his first solo show in the Lower East Side in Manhattan tonight, December 1st, at NYC’s Half Gallery. It will be on display through January 2nd, so plan the rest of your month accordingly to fit in a visit. We can’t wait to see if Zahm will employ the same nude-loving concepts that Purple is famous for or if he will go in a different direction – whether more demure or even more outrageous.

purple DIARY

Half Gallery
December 1 - January 2, 2010
Opening reception: Tuesday, December 1, 6-8 PM
208 Forsyth Street
New York

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