Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Friday, April 23, 2010

off the grid

2010 Off The Grid Sustainable Music Festival celebrates Earth Day’s 40th Birthday tomorrow. Hosted by NYU Earth Matters, eco-friendly art will be on view (from NYU and non-NYU artists) during performances from Cold Cave, Oberhofer and North Highlands and a “Special Secret Guest” headliner recently revealed as cacophonous LA band HEALTH, whose oft-remixed hyper songs will serve as an abrasive counterpart to Cold Cave’s fun-filled, dark electronic pop. The party-guy in white himself Andrew W K will play MC for the night to make sure you 'party hard.'

Saturday April 24, 2010
3 - 8 pm
Solar One
23rd Street and the East River

health: we are water [lovepump united; 2010]

cold cave: life magazine [matador; 2010]

image via Cold Cave's myspace

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the beautiful ones

party tonite!

Louis Christopher is having a gallery exhibition tonight of his story for The Block Magazine on Marilyn Model Management new faces.

Envoy Enterprises Gallery
131 Chrystie ST
(cross Broome)

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xiu xiu

Xiu Xiu: This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy) [Kill Rock Stars; 2010]


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sonic youth takes nyc (for a month)

Our favorite LA bookstore, FAMILY, has started a month-long residency in Tribeca.

On Saturday they'll be hosting a free and open to the public Sonic Youth extravaganza. Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore will be performing as Mirror/Dash (yup, also the name of Kim's clothing line.) The coolest couple in the world will also be hanging around to sign two new art books: Sensational Fix and Kim Gordon: The Noise Paintings. Both books will be sold at FAMILY.

Sensational Fix is a 784-page tome that includes two 7-inch LPs featuring unreleased songs by each member of the band.

Kim Gordon: The Noise Paintings is being released alongside the gallery exhibition of the same name. It's a portfolio of "Kim Gordon’s recent explorations using paint, lyrics, and personal catch phrases to create a collision of the verbal and the visual, and the discovery of something quite other." The exhibit also runs through the month at John McWhinnie @ Glenn Horowitz Bookseller & Art Gallery at 64th & Park. The special edition book (there are only 200) will comprise 26 lettered copies enclosed in a custom cloth box with an original painting and recording laid in, and will also be sold at the gallery.

Saturday, April 10th, 7PM
72 Franklin Street
Tribeca, New York City

For a full listing of events going on at FAMILY's NYC space, check their blog

April 8th - May 8th, 2010
John McWhinnie @ Glen Horowitz Bookstore & Art Gallery

50 1/2 East 64th Street
New York City

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Thursday, April 1, 2010


LA's Silent Movie Theater will be screening obscure movies that happen to have random song-and-dance numbers every Saturday evening in April as a part of their 'HOLYFUCKINGSHIT - Can't Stop the Musicals' series.

Catch forgotten gems such as Jailhouse Rock (female inmates start a dance dance revolution), Jaani Dushman (Terminator 2 meets Bollywood), and Flash Forward (a dance-off movie directed by Sidney Poitier[?!].) The highlight of the series is the 30th Anniversary screening of Forbidden Zone. This oddity is a journey into the Sixth Dimension set to an Oingo Boingo soundtrack, and features a young Danny Elfman as a cabaret-style Satan. Director Richard Elfman will be in attendance, and will do a Q&A after the show.

Forbidden Zone, 1980

Jaani Dushman, 1979

Fast Forward, 1985

Jailbird Rock, 1988

Listing of Events:

April 3 - Forbidden Zone 30th Anniversary Screening

April 10 - Son of Bollyweird (feat. Jaani Dushman)

April 17 - Leotarded! '80s Dance Movie Madness (feat. Fast Forward)

April 24 - Mondo Musicals Mix Night (feat. Jailbird Rock)

Tickets: $10

The Silent Movie Theater

611 N Fairfax Avenue

Los Angeles

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jail la la

Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La
{Cargo; 2010}

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

everybody knows this is nowhere

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Ryan McGinley

Team Gallery
83 Grand Street
March 18th – April 17th 2010
Reception on Thursday March 18th at 6:00PM

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Friday, February 26, 2010

golden triangle

Free-spirited garage/art-rock band Golden Triangle have been local fixtures in New York for a while now, banging their tambourines and chanting to minimalist punk beats at gallery parties and bars around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Originally from Memphis, Austin, and Atlanta, Golden Triangle contains former members of Angry Angles with Jay Reatard and Viva L’American Death Ray Music. Swaying wildly and chanting together like a hippie commune while somehow still playing instruments, their performances look straight out of an orgy at Warhol’s Factory—or out of Euripides’ Bacchae, since the loud, female group vocals could easily be mistaken as the cries of maenad priestesses in a frenzied, Dionysian ceremony.

Their new album Double Jointer is out March 2, 2010 on Hardly Art, and according to their blog, a split 7-Inch with the Fresh & Only’s has been in the works, too.

Golden Triangle: Neon Noose

Golden Triangle: Prize Fighter

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Photographer Alex Prager debuts 'Week-End,' a photo exhibit which evokes a modern-day duality that rests on women: the pressure of being beautiful on the outside amidst a sense of uneasiness and loneliness on the inside.

Her primary inspiration is life in L.A. Shot in the neighborhood she grew up in and starring her L.A. friends, Prager disguises her subjects with enough hair and makeup that they resemble lifeless mannequins, representing the idea of a superficial, unfulfilled life in glitzy L.A.

Her photographs are on display at the Yancey Richardson Gallery in NY and at the M + B Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibit will run in New York and L.A. until February 20th.

Yancey Richardson Gallery
now through February 20th
Tuesday - Saturday, 10 AM - 6 PM
535 West 22nd Street 3rd floor
New York City

M+B Gallery
now through March 6th
Tuesday - Saturday, 10 AM - 6 PM
612 North Almont Drive
Los Angeles

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Monday, February 1, 2010

dirty pretty things

Directed by Tyrone and Jamie Wood (sons of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood), Scream Gallery has carved a unique niche for itself within the contemporary art world, bringing to light the more hidden talents of some of the biggest names in music and pop culture.

Opening Thursday February 4th, Scream is featuring the new series by Warholite artist, photographer, and music video director Russell Young. The collection focuses largely on Marilyn Monroe and Kurt Cobain, two of the most influential figures of pop culture who share similarly tragic, yet brilliant, legacies. In this new set of haunting paintings and screen prints, Young utilizes his signature technique of infusing his pigments with 'diamond dust,' adding "a magical glittering effect that imbues the images with an ethereal quality."

Dirty Pretty Things
February 4-March 13
Tue-Fri, 10:00-18:00; Sat, 11:00-17:00

34 Bruton Street
W1J 6QX London
Tube: Jubilee, Victoria, & Picadilly at Green Park

Kurt Cobain "I will let you down, I will make you hurt" white+suicide pink
acrylic paint, enamel and diamond dust on linen
62 x 48 in

Marilyn Crying
acrylic paint, enamel and diamond dust on linen
62 x 48 in

Mick Jagger "Reggie Kray, do you know my name"
acrylic and enamel screen print on linen
62 x 48 in

Lou Reed "Shooting Star"
acrylic and enamel screen print on linen
62 x 48in

Patty Hearst
enamel and diamond dust screen print on linen
62 x 48in

Iggy Pop "Search and Destroy"
acrylic and enamel screen print on linen
62 x 48in

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

rosson crow

It’s hard not to be nostalgic for when 315 Bowery was the home of underground rock and not upscale menswear. Now the neighborhood that used to house the monumental CBGB’s is home to John Varvatos, Blue and Cream, and a Daniel Boulud restaurant. The Bowery has lost some of its dangerous edge, but there is delicate irony in the small way it is preserved; its fashion. The skinny black jeans and leather jackets that used to be seen as red flags of the misfits of society are now mass produced and sold in the windows of stores like Blue and Cream and John Varvatos.

‘Bowery Boys,’ an exhibition of paintings by Rosson Crow, explores the way that culture and art have been influenced by these groundbreaking ‘bad boys’ of days past. One painting pairs trendy nightclub Boom Boom Room with a gritty sex club of old NYC, Plato’s Retreat. The juxtaposition is off-putting, but in the same way that the old Bowery and the new Bowery would look if they were superimposed into one singular picture. Rosson, interested in the manifestation of masculinity, focuses on the iconic and alluring ‘bad boys’ – those who were written off as dangers to society and yet were still celebrated by their cult followings and who are remembered even today. Rosson’s paintings explore the lawless and exciting NYC that was thoroughly laced with rebellion. By paying homage to those who paved an unthinkable way, Rosson’s exhibit provides inspiration for current artists and a fascinating look back into our city’s often-misremembered punk culture.

Rosson Crow
Bowery Boys
March 04 — March 27, 2010
Deitch Projects
18 Wooster Street, New York

Crow's previous work:

Rosson Crow, in the flesh

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today is the last chance to see Hausu at the IFC Center in NYC. Don't worry if you miss it, Criterion Collection has picked it up for a remastered DVD release in the fall.

Tuesday January 26th

1:15 5:35 7:10 10:15pm

IFC Center
323 Avenue of the Americas

New York City

(212) 924-7771

How to describe Nobuhiko Obayahshi's indescribable 1977 movie "House"? As a psychedelic ghost tale? A stream-of-consciousness bedtime story? An episode of "Scooby Doo" as directed by Dario Argento? Any of the above will do for more »this hallucinatory head trip about a schoolgirl who travels with six classmates to her ailing aunt's creaky country home, only to come face to face with evil spirits, bloodthirsty pianos, and a demonic housecat. Too absurd to be genuinely terrifying, yet too nightmarish to be merely comic, "House" seems like it was beamed to Earth from another planet. Or perhaps the mind of a child: the director fashioned the script after the eccentric musings of his eleven-year-old daughter, then employed all the tricks in his analog arsenal (mattes, animation, and collage) to make them a visually astonishing, raucous reality. Never before released in the United States, and a bona fide cult classic in the making, "House" is one of the most exciting genre discoveries in years.
~via ifc

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Monday, January 18, 2010

east side stories

Kicken Berlin starts off its 2010 program with a look at the past, presenting a series of photographs under the title “East Side Stories: German Photographs 1950s-1980s.” Sourcing images from a selection of photographers who were prolific during the time of the GDR (many of whom are now represented by Ostkreuz), this exhibition presents a more personal glimpse at a past life, with each photographer lending a more personal, humanistic touch to the images, steering away from an idealistic representation of society that was more commonly accepted under GDR rule.

Among the photographers on show are Ursula Arnold, Sibylle Bergemann, Arno Fischer, Ute und Werner Mahler, Roger Melis, Helga Paris, Evelyn Richter and Gundula Schulze Eldowy.

A separate exhibition space highlights the work of noted ‘50s fashion photographer F.C. Grundlach.

Now through April 17th, 2010
Tue-Sat, 2-6 pm

Kicken Berlin
Linienstr. 155, 10115 Berlin

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Monday, January 11, 2010

pictures and words

Paste Up
Barbara Kruger

“An artist who works with pictures and words”

Untitled (We decorate your life), Collage, 7 x 7 inches

Last chance to check out collage artist Barbara Kruger’s early work at Sprüth Magers London, closing January 23. After holding graphic designer and art director positions at publications like Mademoiselle and Aperture, Kruger siezed the simple imagery and texts of advertising for her own paste ups. Ironic slogans, invented or clipped directly from the media, in Futura font stand out boldly and turn close shots of faces and objects into incisive critiques of authority, capitalism, consumerism and social identity. Kruger’s paste ups seem part of our daily imagery: DIY flyers, notebooks, book and DVD covers, post cards all resemble Kruger’s art, but her paste ups use the communicability of this style to its fullest potential. Her early small-scale, monochrome pieces, infused with poignant and political messages are on view now.


Untitled (You are a very special person), Collage (color), 5.4 x 7.5 inches

Untitled (Are we having fun yet?), Collage (color), 8.3 x 5.7 inches

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

pete does kate

Kate Moss by Peter Doherty at Scream Gallery in London running through January 19.


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

holidays blow pop up shop

Sunday, December 6, 2009

james whale at film forum

For those who are greater fans of a big fright than of Christmas carols, the New York Film Forum is presenting some of James Whale´s most acclaimed movies. Whale, director and pioneer of the horror genre, brought to life some of the most memorable Hollywood movies of all time. He introduced the legendary Frankenstein character to cinema audiences and was one of the first directors in Hollywood to ever use a highly mobile camera.

Apart from his horror hits, Whale also experimented with other movie genres - some of his most famous non-horror films, Waterloo Bridge (1931), The Man in the Iron Mask (1939) and the musical Show Boat (1936), will also be screened this coming week.

Screening Schedule

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

girl gaze

vintage photo via the Best Coast myspace page

In the past we've featured a number of emerging bands whose myspaces would list any combination of "garage, lo-fi, surf, tropical, punk," or "shoegaze" as their genre trifecta, from Vivian Girls and Real Estate (east coast!) to the Intelligence and Abe Vigoda (west coast!). Within this scene and its amalgamation of genres, however, there is undoubtedly a difference to the sound when accompanied by the female voice--enter a slew of female-fronted or all-girl bands from California (Best Coast, Grass Widow, Brilliant Colors, the Light Rays, Pearl Harbor, Dum Dum Girls), New York (the V-Girls, Weed Hounds, Talk Normal), the UK (Pens, Wetdog) and even Sweden (Liechtenstein). On November 5th, Vivian Girls asked on Twitter, "Should we call our scene girl gaze or shit girls?" Though we don't recommend googling the term (nsfw), the first one seems likelier to catch on.

Of these 'girl groups' Best Coast has made a pretty big, melodic splash. Comprising one Bethany Cosentino (ex-Pocahaunted singer-strummer) and her former babysitter and guitarist Bobb Bruno, Best Coast has released some catchy 7-inches in 2009 for jams like "Sun Was High (So Was I)," "Something in the Way" and recently "When I'm with You" (on Black Iris) that ring truer to the sass and adventure in 60s Girl Group pop songs than the band's more shoe-gazy counterparts. That Bethany's drawn-out croons of longing can muster such melodic prowess is no accident--coming from a musical family, as a teen she sang back-up on the Ellen DeGeneres show and turned down a career in major-label pop.

Check out "When I'm With You" mashed up with a scene from Les Demoiselles de Rochefort below:

With a little less Beach Boys harmonics, and a little more Sleater-Kinney call-and-answer layers comes San Francisco's Grass Widow. The trio's syncopated vocals and music fit together with so much punch and precision. With awesome 12-Inches out on indie labels Make A Mess and Captured Tracks, look forward to more from these girls in the future or catch them on tour on the west coast this winter.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

olivier zahm's first art show

Can anyone resist Olivier Zahm? He’s the man whose magazine, Purple, is responsible for that girl-on-girl shoot – the one with Abbey-Lee-on-Eniko-on-Freja-on-Magdelana. Zahm excels in decorating the pages of Purple with what is almost like practiced voyeurism and his ability to make blatant nudity sensual instead of tacky. And though the undeniably carnal editor-in-chief has never met a topless woman he didn’t photograph (or take home), his editorials never lose that air of elegance or mystery that Zahm himself seems to exude in that unmistakably French way.

On to conquer even more than he already has – if you’re not familiar, he is already a renowned art critic, curator, and of course founder and editor of Purple – Zahm is presenting his first solo show in the Lower East Side in Manhattan tonight, December 1st, at NYC’s Half Gallery. It will be on display through January 2nd, so plan the rest of your month accordingly to fit in a visit. We can’t wait to see if Zahm will employ the same nude-loving concepts that Purple is famous for or if he will go in a different direction – whether more demure or even more outrageous.

purple DIARY

Half Gallery
December 1 - January 2, 2010
Opening reception: Tuesday, December 1, 6-8 PM
208 Forsyth Street
New York

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Monday, November 30, 2009

theo adams: cry out

“in the spotlight, your tears glow like glitter”

Theo Adams, a wunderkind director, performer, and visionary, has created a ground-breaking new kind of theatrical production with his Theo Adams Company. Their ambitious project combines queer cabaret, classical music, power ballads, and expressionist dance that promises to be a mesmerizing, mind-blowing experience. In a time when it seems like everything has been done over and over again, it’s refreshing to find someone who can think and create in such radically different terms.

The world premiere of ‘Cry Out’ will be Monday, November 30th in Tokyo, and it will be performed around the world throughout 2010. In each different city, they plan to collaborate with local performing artists to craft an inimitable presentation every time.


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

art barter

Sunday is the last day of Art Barter London, an exhibition curated by Lauren Jones and Alix Janta, in hopes to deconstruct the hype, pretence and terrifying prices often associated with big art names, and which can often taint the appreciation of the art itself. At this show, money is useless. Buyers have to barter for art – making offers of whatever they want, based purely on the works’ aesthetic value, as buyers will have no idea who created each piece until after the show ends and their offers are in.

Artists selling their art through this bartering system include well-known names such as Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Mat Collishaw, Gary Hume, Abigail Lane, Polly Morgan, Boo Saville, Abigail Fallis and Paul Fryer.

Barter Fair on Sunday will feature young designers, ceramists, and jewelry designers. Barter on site -- bring items to exchange!

Art Barter London
The Rag Factory

16-18 Heneage Street


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Friday, November 20, 2009

camille vivier

Jenny Hanivers look like devils, angels and dragons and may have started the legends of Mermaids.

Fashion photographer Camille Vivier’s work lays out a curious narrative of different women in stark scenes like the editorial sets she’s shot for Purple and Dazed and Confused. Set to heady rock music, it almost reminds us of the Virgin Suicides. The girls encounter the abrasions of Mother Nature and in the end are defined in sailor terminology.

See more work from Vivier at her website, and look out for her upcoming commercial for Maison Martin Margiela’s 2010 fragrance.

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little dragon

Little Dragon’s songs are not what comes to mind when you think of Swedish electronic music—the Gothenburg quartet’s bass and percussion sound more like smooth jazz at times than say, The Knife, but record scratches and samples remind us we are dealing with some modern electronic masters, soaked in low-key cool. (They have collaborated with fellow Swedes and electro-jazz duo Koop, after all).

These high school friends turned electro-band are touring North America this month before heading back to Europe in early December. Catch them in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge tomorrow night, Saturday November 21, 2009.


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

allison schulnik

Allison Schulnik is one of those artists who sees the world through a different set of lenses, and knows how to channel it effectively so we can all get in on the experience. She has a knack for bringing out the grittier and lesser-known side to everyday objects. In her series of paintings, she creates many images of clowns using a gruesome and fantastical vision that is reminiscent of Francis Bacon. Schulnik takes ceramic cat figurines – usually reserved for crazy ladies' mantelpieces – and drips them in glitter and gloom until it looks like they’ve been out raving all night.


"Hobo Clown" directed by Allison Schulnik, 2008

Grizzly Bear, "Ready, Able" directed by Allison Schulnik, 2009

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...and in the end we are just dust n bones

She loved him yesterday
Yesterday's over
I said okay
That's all right
Time moves on
That's the way

~guns and roses

see the dust n bones dress in black or gray marl

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Friday, November 13, 2009

these are the days

It’s no secret that punk rock is largely misunderstood in modern times. Everyone seems to focus on the moshing, the thrashing, the substance abuse, and they miss what it was that really used to hold punk rock together: the idea of close, familial bonds. Whether it was between the band members themselves or between the fans, or in the community as a whole, the punk scene is really close-knit and more caring than their gravity-defying hairstyles let on.

Matt Stokes, a British artist inspired by punk rock subcultures, capitalized on this untapped idea in his film installation, 'These Are the Days.' Though on a national scale punk rock has largely ceased to exist in its rawest form, the true anti-establishment music still thrives in local scenes.

Stokes bases his project on the music scene in Austin, Texas, and the relationship between old and new punk communities. His project consists of two films: the first focuses on event footage from a show, enabling the viewer to see both the band performing and the way the audience responds to that performance, and in the second film, he closes in on the band members’ reaction to the audience’s response. Stokes’ focal point is the relationship between performance and reaction – between band member and audience member. His execution of this idea is flawless in many ways, one of them being that the response of a crowd is all that many punk bands are playing for, which is such a refreshing and radically different goal than many of today’s bands, whose intentions are largely profit or fame. Stokes’ inspiring installation really proves that the glory days for music are not over; under the radar, the camaraderie of music still exists.

Matt Stokes: these are the days
Now thru December 19, 2009
516 West 20th Street
New York City
Tues-Sat, 10am-6pm

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

kleid im kontext

Natalia Solo-Matine, Genève

Kleid im Kontext, meaning Clothing in Context, is a newly opened exhibit that explores just that. It examines the evolution of clothes in our society compared to our lifestyles, habits, bodies, and needs. Through scenic installations and film sequences that interact and contrast with the garments, fashion is dissected in its many forms, from everyday-wear to the artistic expressions of conceptual design. Kleid im Context is ultimately showcasing fashion as changeable and changing. Thus, the 30 Swiss designers who have created pieces for the exhibit have designed a welcome collection of garments that transcend seasonal rhythms and conventional rules. There are many events and tours guided by the curators and designers of the exhibit throughout the exhibit's run. For a full schedule, see the Gewerbemuseum site.

Kleid im Kontext
November 1, 2009 - May 2, 2010
Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
Kirchplatz 14
CH-8400 Winterthur

Tran Hin Phu, Zürich

Natalia Solo-Matine, Genève

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